I here by authorize Uniexpress Solutions to review the contents of my shipment at its full discretion in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Federal Regulations CFR 49 and because Uniexpress Solutions is an IAC (Indirect Air Carrier) regulated by the Department. of Transportation Security (TSA). I agree that Uniexpress Solutions may reject my shipment at its discretion at the time or after its acceptance if it finds items such as: medical items, jewelry, clothing and / or military shoes, guns or toys, pornography, money or negotiable securities, used parts, any element contaminated with fuel, narcotic substances, compressed gases, explosives, incendiary materials, flammable substances and / or other destructive substance, security camera systems, seeds, sausages, cheeses and other non-canned animal products, animal feed , items of sorcery. By means of the present I declare under the seriousness of oath that the description and the declared values of the articles to be transported by Uniexpress Solutions correspond to the truth and are objects of licit commerce. Uniexpress Solutions . acting as my agent Transporter is responsible for the articles described and will accept the declared value, freight and taxes if there is total loss. In case of damage to the content, I accept that an investigation is carried out that can last up to 30 days and whose unappealable result will determine if the damage is recognized. I accept that no claims are accepted in case of partial loss. I ACCEPT THAT EVERY CLAIM SHOULD BE SUBMITTED IN WRITING WITHIN 72 HOURS AFTER RECEIVING THE LOAD AND THAT CLAIMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER THAT TIME. I acknowledge that I am responsible for the correct packaging of the items I am sending. I agree that Uniexpress Solutions will not recognize damages caused by fragile items that do not go in their original factory packaging suitable for transport, and Uniexpress Solutions does not insure glass, glass, porcelain or works of art. I accept that Uniexpress Solutions WILL NOT ANSWER FOR UNCONSCIOUS MERCHANDISE OR FOR ANY ARTICLE OF PROHIBITED TRANSPORTATION. Uniexpress is not responsible for any delays in delivery times due to road closures, customs inspections and any other situation beyond the control of the shipper. I accept that Customs of the country of destination can revalue the taxes to pay or retain my shipment if it finds discrepancies between the declaration and the physical content or differences between the declared value and the market value. I accept that the shipments in commercial quantities or badly declared can give customs retention without right of return or with change of modality. In case of retention, I authorize Uniexpress Solutions to present the export documents to Customs. Uniexpress Solutions is not responsible for the time that this process takes before Customs or for the final decision issued. I release Uniexpress Solutions from any responsibility in case of delay in the delivery of my shipment due to CUSTOMS ARRANGEMENTS, HOLIDAYS, STRIKES, ROAD DAMAGE AND FORCE MAJEURE EVENTS.

RESTRICTIONS: Law 1369 / 2.009 Resolution 3095/11 CRC Commercial Code (article 981 - contract of transport and following) BY HIS NATURE Objects that by their content can cause damages to the collaborators or deteriorate the other shipments. Hazardous, polluting, flammable or explosive, combustible materials. Goods that must be kept under refrigeration, freezing or heating and their conservation is greater than 24 hours. Compressed or poisonous gases, gas cylinders, refrigerants, radioactive material, infectious, corrosive or poisonous substances, fats, dyes and other similar materials, organic and hospital waste, oxidants, organic and industrial peroxides, catalysts, chemical pigments, plastics, paintings FOR ITS VALUE Precious metals in bar or powder, cash and other valuables, such as coins, platinum, gold and silver, manufactured or not, bills representing currency or any other bearer value, jewelry, fine stones or any other precious objects, constituent objects of the historical or cultural heritage of Colombia. Antiques, works of art, artistic objects. FOR PROHIBITIONS LEGAL Organic material, plants, opium, marijuana, cocaine, morphine, heroin or any other type of narcotic or hallucinogenic, except shipments for medical or scientific purposes, hazardous chemicals, industrial materials oxides (imo), flammable and combustible, Animals , Weapons, ammunition and warlike elements of any kind, or any other object of illicit trade. Machines for coining money, or skeletons for banknotes. BY CONDITIONS OF PACKAGING AND PACKAGING Fragile items and items that are not properly protected and packaged. You should not receive shipments that have their packaging open or that come in bad condition. BY CONDITIONS OF HANDLING Profiles in aluminum, wood, iron or plastic, pipes in any type of material. Industrial machinery whose weight exceeds 150 kg. Marble slabs, flints, porcelain, tiles and toilets.

Shipments to Colombia, Ecuador, Panama And/Or Venezuela:

Uniexpress Solutions INC is not responsible to any lost or damage that any shipped box may suffer. If package is lost or stolen, Uniexpress Solutions will immediately reimburse $100 USD. Uniexpress Solutions is not responsible if anything happens with customs directly. We will make sure we assist you in the most professional and effective way to retrieve merchandise. Under no circumstances is Uniexpress responsible for the loss or damage of any type of electronics; this includes computers, security cameras, televisions, monitors and any type of electronics.